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                Stone Creek Hunting Ranch
                         Let us Deliver Your Dream!        

At Stone Creek Hunting Ranch, we are all about providing
unrivaled experiences and lifelong memories for our clients.
While we take pride in offering five star service and
accommodations, what really separates us from other
Missouri outfitters and ranches is our ability to offer our
clients the opportunity to harvest trophy whitetail deer
amongst breath taking Ozark Mountain scenery.
The best states for Whitetail Deer Hunting; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio,
Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch in Wisconsin
Top Typical
Whitetail Deer
Harvested in the
USA All Time!
#1 Typical Whitetail
Score: 206 1/8
Location: Wisconsin
Hunter: James Jordan
Year: 1914 

#2 Typical Whitetail
Score: 205
Location: Missouri
Hunter: Larry W.
Year: 1971

#3 Typical Whitetail
Score: 204 4/8
Location: Illinois
Hunter: Melvin J.
Year: 1965

#4 Typical Whitetail
Score: 202 6/8
Location: Nebraska
Hunter: Kevin S.
Year: 2010

#5 Typical Whitetail
Score: 202
Location: Minnesota
Hunter: John A. Breen
Year: 1918

#6 Typical Whitetail
Score: 201 4/8
Location: Iowa
Hunter: Wayne A. Bills
Year: 1974

#7 Typical Whitetail
Score: 201 1/8
Location: Ohio
Hunter: Bradley S.
Year: 2004

#8 Typical Whitetail
Score: 201
Location: Minnesota
Hunter: Wayne G.
Year: 1961

#9 Typical Whitetail
Score: 200 3/8
Location: Washington
Hunter: James
Year: 1992

#10 Typical Whitetail
Score: 200 2/8
Location: Illinois
Hunter: Brian S.
Year: 1993
Whitetail Deer
Harvested in the
USA All Time!
#1 Non-Typical
Score: 333 7/8
Location: Missouri
Hunter: Picked Up
Year: 1981

#2 Non-Typical
Score: 328 2/8
Location: Ohio
Hunter: Picked Up
Year: 1940 

#3 Non-Typical
Score: 307 5/8
Location: Iowa
Hunter: Tony W.
Year: 2003 

#4 Non-Typical
Score: 304 3/8
Location: Illinois
Hunter: Jerry D.
Year: 2001

#5 Non-Typical
Score: 295 6/8
Location: Mississippi
Hunter: Tony Fulton
Year: 1995 

#6 Non-Typical (tie)
Score: 295 3/8
Location: Illinois
Hunter: Scott R.
Year: 2004

#6 Non-Typical (tie)
Score: 295 3/8
Location: Ohio
Hunter: Jonathan R.
Year: 2006

#8 Non-Typical
Score: 294
Location: Ohio
Hunter: Michael D.
Year: 2000

#9 Non-Typical
Score: 284 3/8
Location: Texas
Hunter: Unknown
Year: 1892

#10 Non-Typical
Score: 284
Location: Nebraska
Hunter: Wesley A.
Year: 2009
Balsam Hollow Ranch
Let us Deliver Your Dream!  
The scenic “Northwoods” of Wisconsin are home to three
precious hunting natural resources…
Woodlands that remain unspoiled since being first           
discovered by early French explorers.
The finest trophy whitetail deer roaming a mix of towering
pines and hardwood forests.
Balsam Hollow Ranch nestled in the center of these
Northwoods – ready and waiting to make your whitetail deer
hunting wishes come true.
Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranches
We pride ourselves in providing you with a quality hunting
experience and excellent accommodations. Our hunting
grounds consists of prime woodlands and open fields
where comfortable hunting stands have been established.
Under strict management we strive to give our herd
everything possible in order to reach their full potential.
You will marvel at the body size and antler development
of our animals… Come join us for your trophy whitetail
deer hunt of a lifetime at Legacy Ranch.
Legacy Ranch
Let us Deliver Your Dream!  
Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch in North Dakota   
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